Shipping and delivery terms

1. Shipping delivery to destination

The delivery of the shipment will be made at the address indicated as the place of destination. It will be understood to have been carried out when the able person in that address agrees to pick up the shipment, whether or not the addressee is included in the delivery note. Whenever requested by THE SENDER, THE COMPANY will provide the delivery information by means of a communication of the name of the recipient of the shipment and the date and time of the delivery data. THE SENDER accepts as proof of delivery of the shipment the signature by the receiver consigned either in a copy of this document or in a mobile terminal, proof of which may request a copy. Goods will not be delivered to children under 18 years of age, especially if they are alcoholic beverages.

2. Impossibility of delivery delivery at destination

When the shipment is refused at destination or, for any other reason beyond the control of THE COMPANY or of the companies that actually execute the transport, the delivery of the shipment can not be made, THE COMPANY, as soon as it is possible, will inform THE SENDER of the circumstances that prevent delivery. The package will be left at the office closest to the destination, informing the recipient of the existence of the package and if possible, another delivery time will be specified, leaving both the COMPANY and NAVARROVERD exhimes the status of the product if more hours elapsed. those established for its preservation when dealing with perishable products. After the aforementioned period has elapsed without the SENDER having exercised his right, the shipment shall be treated in accordance with what is established by the applicable legal standard depending on the nature and type of shipment. In any case, the SENDER shall be responsible for, in addition to the payment of the corresponding additional fee, the payment of expenses and costs incurred.

3. Shipping

For the purposes of this contract, "shipment" means the object or objects susceptible to transfer, remitted under the same national collection voucher, which are not unacceptable or prohibited under this clause, delivered by THE SENDER to THE COMPANY for transportation and delivery to the address indicated as destination.

3.1 GENERAL GUARANTEES : Regarding the sending, THE SENDER assumes the following fundamental obligations: a) to fully and accurately state the description and the details of the shipment.