Passionate about flowers and gardening for more than 65 years.

Our story begins more than 65 years ago, when our grandfather Constantino Navarro opened this family business attracted by the sensitivity of the exciting world of flowers. Over the years he knew how to pass on his passion to his children, making them take over the business as a second generation that has been in charge of the company.

Today, after all these years, Flores Navarro is already a classic in the world of flowers and gardening and we are proud to know that our florist on Valencia Street in Barcelona is known as the garden of the city and as a florist reference. Also, we even have the pleasure of receiving daily the kind tourists who do not miss the opportunity to come and meet us during their stays in Barcelona.

Today we proudly tell you, in the same way that our grandfather did it and that for many years our father has continued to do, that it is a pleasure for us to put at your service all our experience and knowledge of the flower market and that we will never change our honest way of working that our grandfather already started.

We want to give you the best and most beautiful flowers at the right price so that we never stop giving flowers, decorating our spaces with them and ... in short, always be surrounded by flowers and plants. Because they give us joy and that is how we understand life, always facing it with optimism and joy.

Thank you for joining us all these years.