Legal warning and Store conditions

Welcome to the Norms of Operation and General Conditions of Purchase to the on-line store of Navarroverd.

1- General conditions of purchase and acceptance

2- Nature of the virtual store

3- Operative of the virtual store

..... 3.1 Register in the store

..... 3.2 Assortment of products and application of prices

..... 3.3. Realization of the purchase

..... 3.4.Send an order to another point in Spain or the world.

..... 3.5.Preparation of orders and their distribution

..... 3.6.Delivery and return of orders

..... 3.7. Payment methods

..... 3.8.Confidentiality and security

4. Force majeure

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction

1. General conditions of purchase and acceptance

These general conditions of purchase and acceptance regulate the acquisition through our web

The identifying details of the person in charge of the store are:


CIF: B-63643563

C / Bruc, 89 local

08009 Barcelona

When buying at the store, the client will have an option to consult the General Conditions of the Navarroverd virtual store.

2- Nature of the virtual store.

The store is aimed at final consumers, in the sense established by law 26/1984, of July 19, general for the defense of consumers and users, and for the use or consumption of the client or of the people on behalf of which the client must be legally authorized to act. Therefore, the services of the store are excluded from wholesalers, distributors, purchasing centers, supermarkets and other professional intermediaries.

By virtue of the above, it is totally prohibited to resell the products purchased through the virtual store.

Navarroverdverd reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the store, as well as suspend access to it temporarily or permanently.

3. Operational virtual store

3.1. Register in the store.

The customer who accesses the store for the first time and wants to buy, will be registered when filling in the form that will be presented on the screen at the time of closing the purchase. From that moment on, he will be a Navarroverd client and will be included in our Internet client database. You can always access all the services that you will find now on the website and others that may appear in the future. Once registered in Navarroverd, you will receive via e.mail the registration receipt with all your information and proof of purchase request and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that Navarroverd customers have.  If you do not want to register as a user you can always do so as a guest, so your information is not recorded and when you return to make a purchase the shipping information will be returned and you will not be able to enter your panel to see the orders placed.

In any case, Navarroverd informs its Users that whenever they make a purchase, they will be sent a transactional email communicating the purchase confirmation of the products and the payment confirmation. Likewise, we may contact the User in order to inform him of any change or novelty related to his order.

On the other hand, Navarroverd may send commercial communications related to the products or services it offers, provided that it has expressly and specifically consented to it by validating the box enabled for this purpose or by means of any express consent.Due to the nature of the product that we sell in our store (flowers and plants to send as a gift) it is very important to have the maximum possible information, such as addresses and contact telephone numbers, to be able to resolve as quickly and safely as possible. any unforeseen both in the preparation of the order and in the delivery.

The client can always exercise the right to modify or cancel your data by sending an e-mail to or by calling

3.2. Assortment of products and application of prices

Navarroverd offers a wide assortment of flowers, plants and compositions of all kinds. From your computer, the customer can acquire them without having to travel.

Navarroverd wants to inform you that the image of the products displayed in the virtual store may vary somewhat in the delivery because the plants are not all identical and the bouquets are artistic creations. Although the florists do them with a model pattern like the one that appears on the website, it will not always be accurate.

However, Navarroverd guarantees the quantities of flowers and sizes of the plants as indicated in the virtual store.

The prices of the products of the store include the VAT applicable in each case. Fresh flowers, plants and accessories 21% and 10% chocolates

All the prices of the products are always indicated in Euros.

Navarroverd reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the prices of the products displayed, as well as suspend their sale or cancel them temporarily or permanently.

3.3. Making the purchase

In our store you will find all the products that are available that day.

Every day they update and remove the products that are exhausted or that the season ends and they add new ones.

You can navigate through the menus of the store until you reach the desired product that you will possibly find in several options of sizes or colors to choose from.

Once there is When the product is taken, it must be included in the shopping cart, and more products can be added to the same cart.

You can check the content of the car at any time and remove something that does not interest you.

To finish, you must go to the "box" and you will be able to carry out the final steps to complete the purchase.

Navarroverd undertakes to have your order of flowers or plants made within a maximum period of 3 hours after the Close the order online and ready to leave delivery.

If your order is made before 18h may be delivered for the same day, otherwise the delivery would be effective the next day as all Orders received after 6:00 p.m. are picked up at 08:00 the next morning. The minimum shipping amount is 30Eur.

3.4. Sending an order to another point in Spain or the world.

If you want to send flowers or plants outside the delivery area of ​​Navarroverd, you must contact us through the telephone 93 207 36 61 or contact via mail.

If the shipments are outside the distribution area of ​​Navarroverd but within the Peninsula you can do it from our website

3.5. Preparation of the order and its distribution

Navarroverd guarantees that all the exposed products are available, although due to its nature, it could be that it varies a color, size or even that there was not the desired quantity. In this case Navarroverd will contact the customer to agree on any changes.

Depending on the type of purchase, all orders will be distributed in two ways:

Through the media available in Navarroverd

For the rest of the national territory you must contact us by phone 93 207 36 61 or contact via mail.

In the first case, the client will be able to consult the increase for transportation that his purchase will have. This increase is subject to the transport tables according to the destination of the order.

In the second case, the customer must contact us through the telephone 93 207 36 61 or contact via mail.

Navarroverd reserves the right to unilaterally modify , in any case and without prior notice, the transportation fees for the distribution of the products sold.

3.6. Delivery and return of orders.

a) Home Delivery that you indicate to us

This option allows you to deliver the order where the client indicates and in the selected time slot. all those towns within the distribution area of ​​Navarroverd.

Home delivery is made through our fleet of vehicles, with staff trained to manage flowers and plants.

For deliveries outside Navarroverd's service area, you must contact us by phone 93 207 36 61 or contact us via mail.

Delivery hours

The delivery time for orders in the Navarroverd delivery area is from 8:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. : 00h, every day of the year without exception, including Saturdays and Sundays.

The delivery time of the orders that will be collected directly in our store is 24 hours a day 365 days a week. as of the year.

Navarroverd and its virtual store never close.

In case you want the delivery of your order to be made in a specific moment, we need you to indicate them to us a tolerance of 3 hours.

In no case will Navarroverd accept a delivery schedule at designated Fiestas of the year that can be seen in our "Special Festivals" showcase

There is an option for " delivery in the morning "and" delivery in the afternoon "in some parties indicated as indicated in this section and other" special parties "in which we will deliver throughout the day without commitment of time slot. Always reserve your flowers with one day in advance to guarantee the best service.

For deliveries in the rest of the national territory you must contact us by phone 93 207 36 61 or contact via mail.

Navarroverd does not assume any responsibility for the delay of an order delivery when said delay is not directly attributable to it, or in cases of force majeure under the terms and conditions provided in point 4, under these general conditions.

Shipping costs.

Shipping costs are variable depending on the destination of the order. Your total amount will always appear at the time of the close of the order on the website.


In accordance with the provisions of article 103, del Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007 de 16 de noviembre de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios, the customer may not return fresh products to Navarroverd if such return does not occur within 24 hours of the delivery or collection of the product. requested.

3.7. Forms of payment

Payment can be made through the following credit or debit cards:


Visa (in all versions of La Caixa)

Visa Electron


Maestro Card


And any card that includes the new card guaranteed system of "secure purchase", of recent implantation.

We are continually studying the way to better guarantee the transactions made by Internet through the facilitation of the 16 digits of your payment card. < p> Navarroverd guarantees the total security of its transactions, since it has the most up-to-date technological standards in terms of protocols and security systems.

All collections are made through the secure gateway of La Caixa through Cyberpack, with the total guarantee of security in regards to your card data and their numbering.

Navarroverd never has the numerical information of his card, being La Caixa who manages this information and provides us with the "ok" of each payment in the purchases.

Soon, the system of "secure purchase" will be of obligatory use, facilitating in each purchase by Internet, the secret number or password that only you should know about your card and that will guarantee that no one can use your numbering in any fraudulent transaction.

We will implement this new service very soon, independently that will be implemented little by little in the term 2 years for all banking entities around the world. Both in Europe, Asia, America that have already established their dates and deadlines for full implementation.

3.8. Confidentiality and security

Navarroverd maintains a policy of confidentiality of the data provided by its customers and is committed to protecting this data from customers of the virtual store.

In accordance with Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and in compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/67 of the European Parliament and the Council of April 27, 2016, on Protection of Personal Data, Navarroverd informs the User of the existence of a processing of personal data.

Responsible for the treatment:

NAVARROVERD, S.L. - CIF: B-63643563 - C / Bruc, 89 local - 08009 Barcelona - e-mail:

The User accepts the inclusion of the data obtained while browsing the web, or provided by filling in any form that appears, as well as those derived from the possible commercial relationships that may arise, in our database. The User may exercise, with respect to the data obtained, the rights recognized in the new General Data Protection Regulation and particularly the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition, as well as the revocation of consent for the transfer of data. your data or for any of the uses described. The rights referred to in the previous paragraph may be exercised by the User through a request addressed to NAVARROVERD, S.L. - C / Bruc, 89 local - 08009 Barcelona, ​​or by sending an email to the address Navarroverd S.L. It declares that it has adopted all the security measures necessary and appropriate to what is established in Regulation UE 2016/679 by which the Security Measures of automated files containing personal data are approved.

However, Navarroverd may reveal, at the request of the competent authorities, personal data and any other information that you have through your computer systems, in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to this case.

In no case, Navarroverd will reveal the content of said information. ation to companies and marketing services, commercial databases and third parties that are dedicated to advertising, mass marketing lists or activities related to Spam and similar.

4. Force Majeure

Force majeure is understood as an enunciative but not limitative:

I- Any event impossible to foresee, or which foreseen or foreseeable, was inevitable.

II- Errors in accessing the various web pages of the Navarroverd store.

III- Errors in the supply of the electricity or telephone network.

IV- Damages caused by third parties or attacks on our website (viruses, hackers, etc.) that affect the quality of the service and that is not attributable to Navarroverd or the user.

V- Failures in the transmission, dissemination and storage or shipments through third parties of the products contained in the Navarroverd virtual store.

VI- Fires

VII- Floods or earthquakes

VIII- Strikes or labor conflicts or other social disorders that impede the supply of the products and, therefore, the fulfillment of Navarroverd's obligations.

IX- The shortage or little availability of fuel oe electric power.

X- Accident

XI- Conflicts of war

XII- Commercial or any other type of seizure.

XIII- Frosts or droughts, that do not allow the correct supply of flowers or plants.

XIV- Any governmental provision.

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general conditions of Purchase will be interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation.

For the resolution of disputes, you can access the following European platform online:


Barcelona Mercantile Register, Volume 37,000, Folio 209, Sheet B-294620, Inscription n 1st -

C.I.F. B-63643563

Address: c / Bruc, 89, bajos

08009 - Barcelona

Tel. Fax 93 459 18 37


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